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Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Luxe while on a Budget

The kitchen might be the most costly part of your house to decorate because of the details needed in the appliances, decors, and countertops, among many others. However, you can make it more expensive-looking by paying attention to the small details.

Continue reading to know tips on how to make your kitchen look luxe on a budget.

Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Here are some quick tips on how to make your kitchen look expensive while on a budget:

  • Have the Correct Layout

If having the perfect layout is your priority in redecorating your kitchen, making it look expensive is easy. It is recommended that your work triangle, which is the distance between your stove, sink, and fridge, is as small as a footmark. Even though there are no exceptions, you can keep in mind that your fridge is nearer the entrance since many house members primarily go to the kitchen to get something in the fridge.

  • Update the Lightings

Lights are like jewelry in interior design since they are the ideal finish accents in a room. Therefore, it is best to change your basic designs and shapes and add a bit of your personality to have a custom-design look in your kitchen.

You can opt for pendants and chandeliers since they make your kitchen brighter and improve the mood of the area. Standard lights are uniform, so it will be better to mix them up with your personality.

  • Personalize Accessories

You can turn your kitchen into a special and elegant area by thinking of ways to make your accessories stand out. You can layer unusual and unique elements such as putting decors on your shelves, adding ferns on your walls, using striking textiles, or personalizing items to achieve a one-of-a-kind design.

  • Pay Attention to Details

Hardware can do a lot in the overall look of the furniture. You can think of hardware like earrings. Therefore, when you want to upscale the elegance of your kitchen furniture, you can upgrade your cabinets. You can also replace the hardware of your cabinet pulls and drawers. The whole space will be instantly updated with the unique look your hardware will give.

  • Opt for Stools

If you do not have a lot of space to put additional furniture pieces in your kitchen, opting for counter stools is highly recommended to give more personality to your pieces. You can get stools that have unique materials or shapes to give an interesting element to your interior. If you do not have enough space for a bar or island area, you can place a small stool in a corner. It will give a new design layer and an area to rest or wait while cooking.

  • Consider Kitchen Floors

Faux materials can be ideally used on your kitchen floors. Wooden floors are commonly used in modern home layouts and need to be the same in all parts of the house. Nevertheless, you can pick ceramic tiles to level up the look of your kitchen if you place the tiles diagonally.

  • Upgrade Your Faucet

Because kitchen faucets have been functional tools in the kitchen, most manufacturers have found ways to offer them in various finishes, configurations, and designs. Therefore, changing your basic faucet to something more decorative and attractive and matches your hardware can make washing the dishes high-end.

  • Put Some Plants

Plants can give your kitchen a luxurious and comfortable feel. You will not go wrong by adding herbs to your windowsill. It is not only aesthetic but functional as well. You can also scatter small pots in your kitchen or have a single big plant prominently positioned on your island or counter.

  • Pick Out Light Hues

When you pick out a light hue for your cabinets and walls, your kitchen will instantly brighten up. It will seem larger and more luxe. Light hues catch the light and conceal dents, dings, and other imperfections in your kitchen.

  • Change Cabinet Doors

If you want a sleek and new look for your kitchen, you can change your old cabinets by purchasing new ones, sanding them, or refinishing them. Your kitchen will be glam when you get glossy or glass doors. You can also remove some of the doors and make open shelves to showcase your best kitchen pieces.

  • Use Artwork

Adding artwork elevates any space, and kitchens are no exception. You can go big and be bold in choosing artwork since it gives an illusion of a larger space. If you rent a space, this is also a good idea since you do not have much freedom to change your kitchen.

  • Paint Using Stainless Steel

If you do not have stainless steel pieces in your kitchen, that is not a problem. You can use stainless steel paint to give your pieces and appliances a stainless-steel finish. Not only will it update working appliances but also give your kitchen a more modern feel. You just need to look at the stainless steel paint you will be using since manufacturers make various types of this paint depending on how it will be used.

  • Put Window Treatments

To instantly make your kitchen elegant, you can use window treatments to uplift boring windows.

  • Upgrade Old Decorations

Upgrading your old decoration will give your kitchen a fresh look without spending much. One way to do this is to replace your fruit bowl with a beautiful tray or ginger jar to add an exquisite vibe.

  • Organize

Clutter makes any area look sad. Therefore, hiding your small appliances such as coffee pots, toasters, and blenders can clear your kitchen. These appliances are easy to get when you need them.

Finally, even though kitchens are expensive to renovate, you do not need to spend much on new counters, changing your appliances and furnishings, or updating your backsplashes. The ways listed can give your kitchen a luxurious feel without going over your budget.
Updating light fixtures and cabinet hardware are some of the budget-friendly tips in styling your kitchen. Following even one tip from the list can make your kitchen instantly luxurious.

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