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Top Easter Celebration Destinations for 2022

Easter has always been the perfect time for families and friends to get away. Among Christian families across the globe, celebrating Easter by going on small vacations is a very common practice. In 2022, the Easter weekend will span from April 15th to 18th. That’s more than enough time to enjoy a well-deserved travel experience.

However, start planning now if you want to celebrate Easter away from home. First, pick your destination. Ideally, your destination should offer mild spring weather and unique Easter-themed events. Here are some amazing Easter destinations that meet all these criteria –

Vatican City

It’s impossible to list the world’s best Easter celebration destinations and not include Vatican City. It’s the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. For devout Catholics, it’s the only place to be to celebrate Easter. However, Vatican City isn’t just open to Catholics during the Easter weekend.

  • Crowds of thousands (people from all faiths) crowd around St. Peter’s Basilica to witness the festival of resurrection.
  • The holy city-state is full of historic architecture, Roman statues, Renaissance art, and several other tourist spots. In addition to participating in the exuberant ceremonies and celebrations, tourists also get to explore some incredible sightseeing spots.
  • You can meet people on religious pilgrimages and attend mass with them to learn about Roman Catholic Easter traditions.

Every Easter, during mass in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope addresses the crowds. Listening to him on such an auspicious day is quite the experience.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Didn’t expect Pittsburgh to be on this list, right? Well, this Pennsylvania city has various historic connections with Easter celebrations. Around the 1700s, German immigrants came over to this part of the USA. They brought with them tales of “Osterhase,” a mythical egg-laying hare that produces colourful eggs. Sound familiar?

Yes, the now popular custom of the Easter Bunny delivering chocolates and other gifts to children originated in Pittsburgh. The city is rooted in Easter traditions. So, every spring, it offers the perfect conditions to celebrate this holiday. There’s a large number of Christian churches (of all major denominations) spread across the city.

Here are some Easter Day events and hotspots in Pittsburgh tourists should consider checking out –

  • Easter dining cruise on the three rivers of Pittsburgh – Allegheny, Ohio, and the Monongahela.
  • Spring flower shows and Easter brunches at Heinz Field
  • Trips to the local candy stores, some of which are hundreds of years old.

Vogtland, Germany

Pittsburgh’s famous “Osterhase” story originated in Germany and Austria. One German district where this story has deep roots is Vogtland in southwest Germany (near Saxony). Tourists have been flocking to Vogtland to celebrate their Easter breaks for many years. The district offers picturesque surroundings, stunning hiking trails, and many opportunities to participate in exciting outdoor activities.

In addition to the breath-taking mountains and the lush green forests, Vogtland is also home to ancient castles and monuments. For example, tourists get to explore the world’s largest brick bridge – the Goltzsch Valley Bridge in Vogtland. If you want to celebrate Easter in a way that’s rooted in German history and traditions – visit Vogtland.


Not many places or cultures in the world can match Jamaica’s unique Easter celebrations. The Jamaica Easter Carnival is one of the world’s largest Easter-themed events. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the carnival was cancelled in 2021. Thankfully, in 2022, people from the island and across the globe can enjoy –

  • Parades that begin at sunrise and end at night.
  • Calypso and reggae music by prominent local bands.
  • Easter events across the island (e.g., the famous parades in Ocho Rios and Negril).

This year, celebrate Easter at these exotic locations. Start planning your trip now!

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