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The 5 Best Places to Retire in 2021

After a lifetime in the workforce, the golden retirement years are somewhat of a reward for many individuals. These are the years of enjoyment, calmness, and realization of the fruits of the hectic years of work. It is no wonder why many retirees are looking to move to overseas locations where they can better enjoy the lifestyle they desire.

There are many factors taken into consideration when making this life altering decision based on different requirements for each. These include the weather, cost of living, healthcare system, ease of transition, being close to your family and safety.

We have complied a list of the top 5 places to retire across the globe, showcasing the best characteristics of these locations that make them solid and popular choices to retirees worldwide. This jewel country island in the Eastern Mediterranean could not be missing from this list. With a rich history and culture, Cyprus is uniquely characterized by the concept of “Filoxenia”, Greek for hospitality, paying homage to their Greek ancestry and culture.

Having 350 days of sunlight over the year, Cyprus boasts beautiful summers, mild winters – with a touch of snow in the mountains, and enjoyable springs and autumns. The size of the island makes mountains and beaches a 30-minute drive and airports at a less than an hour drive from any location on the island.

As an EU member state, Cyprus is a no-hassle retirement heaven for EU nationals and provides an easy 5-year renewable retirement visa process for other foreign nationals. English is widely spoken; the food and wine are superb, and Cyprus is rated the 5th safest country in the world .

There is an array of properties available for sale or rent at reasonable prices with options from small mountain villages to bustling seaside towns. With superb healthcare facilities, a strong infrastructure, moderate cost of living, a wide range for amenities and activities, Cyprus is a preferred retirement destination, with lively expat communities for those who want to spend their golden years under the rays of the golden Cyprus sun. This southeast Asian gem is an emerging market with a polite and welcoming people, as well as a significantly low cost of living.

The tropical climate, delectable yet extremely healthy local cuisine and French-influenced wine culture make Vietnam an ideal destination for more adventurous retirees.

The beaches and mountains of Vietnam are spectacular, whereas the vibrant cities and relaxed mountain resort towns combine harmonically the traditional style with the modern. The capital of Hanoi has been coined as “The Capital of Thousand Years of Civilization ,” yet Vietnam has not sold its soul to progress, even being the world’s fastest growing economy in 2020 .

Everyday healthcare is available at the hospitals of the major cities at very low rates, though for serious conditions and treatments, one might have to look outside of Vietnam to receive them.

The low crime rate, youthful population, international air connectivity and the still pristine landscape makes Vietnam an ideal retirement destination for those looking for a new lease on life and lifelong local friends. This Central American paradise is said to be one of the few places where you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the same time . The landscapes vary from tropical rainforests to mountains and sandy beaches, with the climates being just as diverse in different locations, proudly representing the name of the “Rich Coast” or Costa Rica.

Nicknamed the “Switzerland of Central America ”, having abolished their army more than 70 years ago and investing that money into education and healthcare, the country is a thriving, peaceful and progressive nation, going as far as legalizing same sex marriage and mandating LGBTQ equal rights.

Both Spanish and English is widely spoken, and the friendly locals interact widely with the lively expat communities. The amenities and healthy local lifestyle make it an idyllic and easily accessible destination for retirees from around the world, while the low cost of living, affordable real estate offerings, variety in real estate type and price as well as residency programs make it a smart destination too.

Extra tip: Certificate of Deposit (CDs) yield a higher-than-average return (5-9 %). Florida is considered to be the most popular retirement destination for US citizens. From all-encompassing retirement communities with their in-house health care and recreation, to assisted living complexes and the ever-growing country club ‘villages’, Florida has it all figured out for a growing retiree population.

The year round mild to warm weather is ideal for those looking to move to warmer pastures, while the diversity in flora and fauna make it even more intriguing. For the anglophone world it is an ideal retirement place, with extensive access to healthcare, specialized and accessible facilities and a lot of like-minded people to bask in the sun with.

Properties are available across the board in regard to cost and location, whether it is in iconic Miami or Sarasota County, fast paced or laid-back hometown atmospheres. For the more adventurous there is always the possibility of a trip to Orlando and Disneyworld or hopping on a Caribbean cruise from any of the ports of Florida. The golf courses are luscious and widespread, senior citizens can enjoy age-appropriate exercise and entertainment, and connectivity to both US cities and overseas destinations is one of the best in the world. A bit of an oddity to such a list since Dubai is not generally recognized for its low cost of living but benefits from so many other distinctions that it has become an emerging destination for retirement. Strategically positioned in between Asia and Africa, this dynamic Emirate has everything a retiree might look for.

As an international air hub, Dubai is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, and its recent economic boom has been accompanied by new property development meaning newer homes with extensive facilities on and off premises.

With majestic views over the Palms and World Islands, cosmopolitan restaurants and every single activity you can possibly imagine i.e., exclusive shopping in state-of-the-art shopping malls, old world spice shopping in Arabian Markets, golfing on designer courses world’s largest indoor ski resort , aquarium etc. Dubai is for sure a destination to live in.

The main reason though why Dubai is an emerging retirement population lies on the fact that there is a high number of young international workforce of Dubai’s multinationals, therefore many retirees chose Dubai in order to be closer to their children and grandchildren .

Healthcare is widely available and easily accessible, whereas Dubai is included in many international medical insurance policies. Additionally, the 5-year renewable retirement visa scheme has recently been implemented and, there is no income tax. In addition, Dubai is in itself a welcoming location and a melting pot of culture.

Personal preference and interest play an ever-important role in deciding where to retire to. Factors such as cost of living, healthcare, weather etc. may be important, but it all comes down to the place that awakens one’s heart and senses; the place you want to call home!

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