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Must-Have Features in Business Office Premises

Most employees spend most of their time in their workplace. Some of them even consider their workrooms their second home. Thus, business owners have the responsibility to ensure that their respective offices have all the necessary features to boost productivity and creativity among employees. Plus, a conducive workplace is also a testament to a company’s culture. Ideally, your business office...

New York – One of the most Dominant Markets of the World for Real Estate Investment

Facts New York (NY) state is one of the most populated states of U.S and one of the world’s most crowded megacities, with approximately 19.5 million people in the metropolitan area.  New York is renowned as a financial multicultural capital, with strong influence leadership in the sectors of technology, commerce, tourism, art, entertainment, Research and Development, politics, sports, real estate and...

How Covid-19 impacted the Property Industry

The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns have been impacting not only the business world but how individuals behave.  The pandemic and the lockdowns changed people’s attitude towards many aspects including how they consider investing in a real estate property. The reason is that many people are working from home, spending more time at home and this has led people to re-evaluate their properties and...

City Vs Countryside | Where to purchase your property?

The never-ending debate of city life versus country living is one where both are great, and both are the worst at the same time. With strong advocates for both sides, the decision to purchase a property in either location presents some interesting aspects of the evolution of the market and the ever-changing needs of consumers. City living and its Key Elements Sprawling metropolises, high rise...

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