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Luxury Holiday Homes for 2022

Is 2022 the year of international real estate investors? Borders worldwide are finally open, and vaccinations have rolled out in most urban centres. Increases in interest rates may over-inflate the prices of luxury holiday homes in the near future. But, in 2022, that risk seems negligible. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, several factors are driving up the demand for luxury homes. They...

Top Easter Celebration Destinations for 2022

Easter has always been the perfect time for families and friends to get away. Among Christian families across the globe, celebrating Easter by going on small vacations is a very common practice. In 2022, the Easter weekend will span from April 15th to 18th. That’s more than enough time to enjoy a well-deserved travel experience. However, start planning now if you want to celebrate Easter away from...

Greek Islands for the Best Holiday Homes

The wealthiest investors in Europe all have something in common – they buy multiple holiday homes across southern Europe. The Greek islands, in particular, offer the best real estate investment opportunities. These islands are full of holiday homes. Millions of tourists visit these Greek islands every year and stay in these holiday homes. If you’re a real estate investor who wants top-quality...

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