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Safety and Security Features to Consider Before Buying a House

There are many features that people consider before buying a house. For example, people tend to look for big and spacious rooms, quality and flawless tiles, modern kitchen fittings, and exquisite bathrooms.

However, how much attention do buyers pay to the most crucial aspect of house buying – security? While it’s indeed true that a place you intend to make your home should offer you comfort, but above all, you and your family should feel secure and safe when at home.

Because of this, safety and security features are the most crucial aspects you should consider when buying a house. After all, you and your family need peace of mind while at home.

With that said, here are some top security and safety features to consider when buying a home.

How Safe Is the Neighborhood?

Before anything, you should get yourself accustomed to the area in which you wish to buy a house. Then, take time to find out the history of reported crimes in the location. You can access these crime rate records from the nearest police station.

You can also drive or walk around the neighborhood to find out how safe it is. For example, you can determine if there is adequate street lighting in the community.

Finally, introduce yourself to the neighbors you intend to move next. This will give you an insight into the type of people you will be living with. If they are friendly, you will get a sense of security in the area.

What Are the Credentials of the Developer?

It is vital to track the developer’s history you intend to buy your house from for your legal safety. In addition, you should do a thorough check of all the documentation and approvals of the project.

You should make a close study of the past projects done by your deliver. Also, ensure that the title deed to the property is valid for you to have real legal security.

If you are buying an apartment, find out the cost of monthly maintenance costs. It will also be necessary to know if the developer allows you to rent an apartment out once you have purchased it.

Security guards, if well deployed, can help fortify the security of your new property. Moreover, you should study the history and credentials of the security company contracted to keep your neighborhood safe.

This will give a picture of how well the guards have been trained to handle security breaches and other safety emergencies. In addition, you should check the police clearance of the security guards that have been deployed in the vicinity of your property.

What Is the Quality of the Doors and Windows?

The quality of the doors and windows of the house you wish to purchase should be a top priority. The doors and the windows should be sturdy.

Additionally, the windows must be made burglar-proof while also keeping a keen interest in their aesthetic value. Finally, the choice of the locks used on the doors must also be tough to pick.

Doors and windows can give intruders entry points to your house if not given attention. Therefore, it would be best not to compromise the quality of the doors and windows.

What Were the Previous Owners/Tenants of The Property Like?

Second-hand property can have a troubled history that may cause a future threat to security. This is why you should find out information from neighbors about the previous occupants. You can also contact local authorities to inquire if there has ever been a disturbance at the address.

Suppose you still decide to acquire the premises even if the previous occupants were questionable individuals. In that case, you should do the following: Ensure that you change all the locks in the house to make it more secure.

Fire Protection

You should not concern yourself only with safety from thieves and burglars. Fire safety measures are also crucial in ensuring the security of your property.

Make sure that functional fire extinguishers are positioned strategically in the house. This will give precedence to tackling a fire before it goes out of control.  Before buying a house, check the condition of the current fire alarm system. If it doesn’t satisfy you, then you may need an upgrade.

Fortunately, there are many high-tech fire alarm systems in the market. So, it’s easy enough to install one that is functional and has been tested.

Another security feature you should employ in case of a fire outbreak is ensuring that the keys to all locked doors are easily accessible to make escaping easier.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV surveillance should be part of your security system. After all, CCTV cameras are becoming more and more advanced, with some coming in with the live streaming feature.

This way, you can keep an eye on your property even when you are away on vacation. Go for properties that offer round-the-clock surveillance of the entire premises.

Your chosen CCTV surveillance should also be paired with burglar alarm systems. This will boost your protection and that of your loved ones.

Safety Tips for Second Hand Properties

Buying a house that has been occupied for a long time means you need to be more mindful and careful. After all, old houses experience natural wear and tear over the years. Therefore, electrical safety should be your top concern.

With that said, here is what to look for:

  • Check and note the positions of all the electrical outlets. Confirm that all are still in good working order and have been properly installed.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters(GFCIs). These devices protect appliances that come into contact with water. If GFCIs are not installed in your new home, plan to do so for your safety. You will expect to find GFCIs in kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas in the house where water is likely to come into contact with electricity,
  • Check the appliances that come with the house. You should check if the included appliances, such as HVACS, Refrigerators, and water heaters, are working correctly. Do they pose any hazards?
  • Check the lights. Test if all the lighting fixtures are working correctly. If there are any popping or sizzling sounds when turning on the lights, there may be an electrical fault.

Final Thoughts

Your security begins with you. Taking the above measures into consideration will give you a safer and more secure home. After all, it is always more relaxing to feel safe in your own house. It is also a part of wholesome living.

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