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Renovation Ideas for a Luxurious Home

During the initial months of the COVID19 pandemic, we were all compelled to stay indoors. Naturally, a lot of us became obsessed with how our interior spaces look. That’s why, since 2020, demands for home renovation services have skyrocketed across the world.

According to the home-improvement website Houzz, spending on home renovations increased by 36% in 2021. More homeowners are lining up to renovate their homes in 2022 and beyond.

Why? Because in the post-pandemic world – a well-designed home isn’t just an attractive and comfortable space. A well-designed, luxurious home is one that’s thoughtfully designed to serve its residents better.

Here are some savvy yet cost-effective renovation ideas to make your home feel more multi-functional and luxurious –


Don’t plan on residing/living in your current home for more than four to six years? Getting a low-cost, strategic, and temporary paint job can upgrade your living space. Getting your home painted will also improve its long-term resale value.

Use lighter, pigmented colours to brighten up your living rooms. Light paints will also make your living room feel more spacious. Use dark-coloured paints in your private rooms (bedrooms, in-house office, etc.) to make those spaces feel cosier.


Kitchens sell homes. Especially family homes. Unless your home has a well-designed kitchen, it will fail to attract buyers. Even if you’re not selling your home, having a functional and beautiful kitchen space is a great privilege.

Here are some super-simple ways to spruce up your luxury home or apartment’s kitchen –

  • Install appliances that give you the ability to cook multiple meals a day. Some “must-have” appliances include – food processors, microwaves, dishwashers, hand blenders, pressure cookers, mixer grinders, rice cookers, and electric kettles.
  • Add storage items to make sure you can always stock excess supplies and food in your kitchen. Add a pantry to store a variety of food items and ingredients.
  • Use water and heat-resistant backsplashes to give your kitchen a clean and modern look.
  • In terms of aesthetics, installing marble or granite countertops can instantly make your kitchen look luxurious. Bear in mind natural stone countertops needs to be sealed and polished regularly.


During the COVID19 pandemic, many homeowners were forced to spend time in their backyards, patios, and other outdoor spaces. Since then, these spaces have become highly valuable in the eyes of investors and buyers.

If your home has a well-designed patio or balcony, it will instantly feel and appear more luxurious. Maximize the functionality and appearance of your outdoor space by –

  • Investing in high-quality outdoor furniture items.
  • Setting up grills or ovens to facilitate outdoor cooking sessions.
  • Adding shade or rain covers to make the outdoor spaces usable, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Planting trees in the garden. Homeowners can also set up small fountains or other similar water-based installations in their gardens.

These simple and cost-effective upgrades to your home’s outdoor spaces can make your home look splendid. Plus, think of how much additional space you will get by upgrading your backyard or patio.


Privacy and silence matter a lot to people who work from home. To create such super-private spaces, homeowners should add soundproofing features to their rooms and floors. You can soundproof virtually any room in your house.

Soundproof the attic, basement, or study room. Use this room whenever you need privacy and quiet space.


The COVID19 pandemic has made everyone super-aware about the transmission of illnesses via germs. That’s why hands-free and touchless appliances are currently extremely popular. Smart lighting systems, touchless faucets, and touchless toilets are some items you can buy to “go touchless.”

The global home renovation market will be worth over one trillion dollars by 2027. These décor trends will be the most popular in the following five years. Use these trends to “futurize” your luxury home!

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