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Innovative Products And Appliances For 2022 For A Home

2021 was considered by most as a bad year but that didn’t stop companies from innovating and continuing to create better products. In these modern times, the innovation of electronic and electric products is always linked to smart technology.

Smart technology is a term used often on devices and equipment that can be automated or controlled wirelessly accompanied by a user-friendly interface. If you are looking for innovative or smart products and appliances for your home in the year 2022, here are the best of them ready for the market.


For Entertainment

  • Router = Linksys – Velop AXE8400

This router can already support Wi-Fi 6E connections. It has a 2.2 GHz quad-core processor to garner a speed up to 5 Gbps and a signal range of 3,000 square feet. Aside from that, it has an alert system if motion is detected within your home.

  • Sound System = Harman Kardon – Radiance 2400

This minimalist sound system includes 2 ultra-slim vertical speakers and a profound subwoofer. The ‘Constant Beamwidth Technology’ is responsible for that sound that encompasses the entire room. It has a digital hub to connect to other entertainment devices and a Wi-Fi-enabled connection to access music streaming services.

  • TV = LG – 4K OLED TV 48C1

The latest 4K OLED TV measures around 48 inches and is built for the best gaming experience in small spaces using the ‘Game Optimizer’ feature. The a9 Gen 4 processor is capable of running AI-powered features such as ‘AI Picture Pro’ and ‘AI Sound Pro’.

  • TV = Samsung – 110-inch MicroLED Home Screen

With over 8 million dimming zones, this extremely large TV is meant to be 30 times brighter than that of OLED TVs and has a limit of 100,000 viewing hours or roughly 11 years (if viewing time is 24/7). The MicroLED picture quality is a first and above all, the TV is foldable. Additionally, the screen measures a whopping 110 inches.


For Kitchen

  • Gas Range = LG – InstaView Range

The newest gas range incorporates Air Sous Vide and Air Fry Mode cooking methods with an InstaView panel that can turn on the interior lights with a double-tap on the window. The best part of this 6.3 cu. ft. range is that it can be controlled using LG’s ThinQ app.

  • Robot Assistant = Samsung – Bot Handy

This robotic arm is meant to function as assistant in dishwashing and can also be capable of opening or pouring a bottle of wine. It uses AI technology to identify the sizes and composition of objects it picks up and manages with only the right amount of force.

  • Refrigerator = LG – InstaView Refrigerator

The features of this refrigerator include the following: a voice command opening mechanism which is possible through the built-in microphone and speaker; and a water dispenser using UV light as a sanitizer that guarantees elimination of up to 99.99 percent of bacteria.


For Bathroom

  • Bathroom Speaker = Ampere – Shower Power Speaker

This is a Bluetooth-controlled speaker that can play music wirelessly for as long as 20 hours. Although the manual buttons are on the surface, there is a dedicated remote controller that you can use within the bathroom. The most encouraging part is that the speaker is made from 100 percent recovered ocean plastic.

  • Toilet Bowl = Toto – Wellness Toilet

Even though it is still a concept product, there is a high chance that it will be available in the market. Not only it is equipped with automated features, but it also involves analyzing your fecal matter and offer no-nonsense health recommendations.

  • Water Monitor = Kohler & Phyn – Smart Water Monitor

This is a result of a collaboration between Kohler and Phyn. A few of the product’s amazing capabilities are being able to detect a leak in a plumbing system, triggers automatic shut-off, and provide notifications to the owner.

  • Faucet = Moen – U Faucet

Moen’s U brand is all about a smart faucet wherein most of its functions are ‘touchless’. It manipulates the water flow with such precision and the mechanism can be controlled either using the Moen app or voice activation.


For Bedroom

  • Lamp = Nobi – Smart Lamp

This newcomer company produces a ceiling lamp that has automated illumination triggered by 4 RGB sensors. The design is meant to be an aid for seniors as they are about to sleep and responds to any irregular or troubling motions.


For Garage, Lawn, And Backyard

  • Pet Door = MyQ – Pet Portal

This is the most advanced pet door readily available for the market. MyQ is not only fully automated but also has 2-way audio and live video streaming for the owner to be aware of the pet’s presence. There is also a feature wherein a custom collar can able to manipulate the pet door.


For House Lighting

  • Switch = TP-Link – Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch With 3-Way Dimmer Kit

Using the Wi-Fi connection, this device can manipulate 3-way light dimmers and is compatible with being integrated on home assistants such as Alexa.


For Home Security

  • Door Lock = Lockly – Guard

This automated lock is made for sliding and swing-type door installations. With the use of a Wi-Fi connection, you can manipulate the locking system using Alexa or Google Assistant. It can also be upgradeable wherein you can add an RFID feature.

  • Security System = Origin – Hex Home Security System

This home security system comprises 2 pieces of hardware: ‘Hex Command’, which is the hub; and the ‘Hex Sense’, wherein the input devices are integrated. The Hex Sense is a plug-in feature and it has a built-in siren and a motion monitoring function. The system itself is already compact and with just 2 Hex Sense being plugged in, you can cover an area of 1,500 square feet.


For Housekeeping

  • Vacuum Cleaner = LG – CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor

This powerful cleaning tool is more than just a vacuum cleaner. For starters, it is cordless and has a charging stand which also automatically empties the dustbin. The ‘Power Carpet Nozzle’ removes dust on almost all interior flooring surfaces and the ‘Power Mop’ attachment uses microfiber cloth to scrub down the floors. Not to mention, this tool has an internal water tank. The stand allows room for a back-up battery and has touchscreen controls for easy manipulation.



There are tons of other innovations that are yet to be released in the upcoming months. As of now, you can be confident that you will have all the components for a smart home.

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