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How to maximize your property exposure during Covid-19?

Covid-19 pandemic has altered dramatically our daily lives, caused a massive impact on financial markets and shaken the foundations of the international economy and healthcare system, overall. In addition to that, the pandemic has created serious problems and challenges to all the industries of the market that required an immediate shift on the way we think, act, and do business.

The Real estate industry was amongst the industries that was greatly affected from the pandemic. In fact, the worldwide real estate eco-system has been impacted negatively, due to the economic environment instability, people healthcare concerns and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Therefore, this situation requested from real estate professionals to adjust their way of thinking and apply strategies that will minimize the impact effects of Covid-19 pandemic, as much as possible.

What are the strategies that real estate professional can adapt to fight against the pandemic effects?

All transactions, no matter the industry, are done through communication.

Consequently, real estate professionals need to apply strong communication strategies that will enable them to directly connect with their public.

Undeniably, Covid-19 pandemic has stressed even more the importance of having an active and creative digital presence, since in-person showings, and open houses appointments have temporarily postponed.

Nowadays, there are number of strategies and actions that real estate professionals can follow in order to increase their properties reach i.e. virtually, remotely and digitally, whilst taking into consideration their clients’ needs.

Digital Brochures

To begin with, the creation of attractive digital brochures for every type of property is necessary to attract potential clients’ attention.

Real estate agents, agencies and developers can utilize all the tools of technology effectively and produce creative, interactive digital brochures that will serve as visual means of communication. These brochures will preliminarily target the increase of awareness, visualization, and interest of potential buyers. Their main purpose thought is to create leads that will be transformed into sales.

Moreover, digital brochures can be used in virtual meetings with buyers. Through them, real estate professionals are able to showcase their property units and expertise to potential buyers’ and investors.

Furthermore, real estate professional should utilize the digital brochures and publish them to as many real estate platforms as possible to boost their reach, thus sales.

It goes without saying that reach matters! Reach is the driving force for Sales!

Social Media Platforms

Concurrently, real estate professionals should heavily use the social media platforms.
Social media platforms are considered to be ideal for promoting real estate business in a mass audience. In fact, social media platforms are particularly popular to millennials (99%) and baby boomers (90%) when it comes to actively seeking for their next home, apartment, office etc.

Therefore, real estate professionals are recommended to have social media campaigns in place that will provide them wider exposure of their properties.

Furthermore, it is highly suggested for real estate professionals to use not only their own social media accounts, but to promote their properties on the social media accounts of listing platforms to enhance even more their properties reach.

Through the social media platforms, real estate professionals are encouraged to present live open house tours, virtual tours, brochures, property images, information about the properties, nearby amenities etc.

Most importantly, social media platforms have the ability to create an open channel of communication between real estate professionals and potential buyers, for that reason real estate professionals should be always alert and try to respond immediately to potential buyers’ questions.

Real Estate Listing Platforms

Another important mean of communication for enhancing real estate professionals’ reach and property seekers options is listing property units in real estate website platforms.
Real estate platforms are websites that agents, agencies, and developers can list and advertise their property projects, whereas property seekers can search and connect directly with them.

These platforms are very effective and efficient, since they allow real estate professionals to advertise multiple property units, including detailed information about the projects, accompany with high-quality visual content i.e. property images, videos, and virtual tours.
With the use of the property detailed information and the visual content provided by real estate professionals, potential seekers can form an accurate view of the property’s features, as well as gain knowledge about neighborhood characteristics and nearby amenities.

Thus, real estate professionals can connect directly with the buyers through the platform, whilst property seekers can navigate and compare extensive list of properties from all over the world. Seekers can even personalize and narrow their search to find the property units that meet their requirements.

Hence, real estate professionals in top – tier real estate platforms can virtually show their property and offer to property seekers the option of visiting virtually their preferred property from the comfort of their own home, at their convenient.

Even though real estate platforms are one of the most popular communication tools that real estate professionals use, nowadays their rule has become more important than ever before, considering the fact that both real estate professionals, potential buyers and investors are bound to follow travel restrictions, movement restrictions, lockdowns etc. imposed by the governments from all over the world, as a response for Covid-19 pandemic. By using, the aforementioned platforms, real estate professionals can limit the impact of restrictions effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, in the real estate platforms, users can read industry’s news, articles, and any other relevant updates of the real estate market, worldwide.

High quality Content

What is more, the content of property listings, which will be used in social media, brochures, and real estate platforms, should be informative but simultaneously creative, for alluring potential clients’ interest.

Therefore, real estate professionals are advised to highlight property’s features not only with the provision of detailed information, but via high resolution professional property images that will stand out from the crowd, along with eye catching videos (drone use) and appealing virtual tours.

Also, it will be very beneficial if real estate professionals along with property details include a presentation of the neighborhood and its nearby amenities. This can be done with the use of interactive maps, high resolution images and aerial photos that will indicate transit routes and amenities.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Moreover, digital ad campaigns, as well as email campaigns should be on the list of every real estate professionals for generating awareness, leads and maintaining communication with current and potential buyers.

Real estate professionals need to constantly assess the real estate market and understand the needs of buyers and sellers. Likewise, it is important to understand how the market is changing and what are the most effective and efficient ways to respond.

For example, since the Covid-19 pandemic, buyers are now looking for properties that have outdoor space, private front entrance, laundry unit inside the house (not communal). Also, since the covid-19 pandemic there was an upturn trend in looking for homes away from town and city centers with garden and big enough to fit a home office.

According to worldwide forecast, the real estate market is expected to revive strongly in 2021. But, for agents, agencies, and developers to remain competitive, digital presence and communication should be enhanced through the use of real estate platforms, social media, and websites.

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