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How to Make Space Feel Larger

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If you do not have enough space, making it livable by decoration can be very challenging. Fortunately, there are very many visual tricks that can marvelously expand the appearance and feel of your space. Below are ways to make your space feel larger.

  • Lighting

When it comes to lighting, you can install scones that add brightness without occupying a lot of surface space. Do not choose a low-hanging pendant because it will make your space feel smaller and more cramped. Instead, choose a fixture that draws the eye up and feels light. You could also try flush mounts because they bring in light from above and ensure sight lines are kept clear. Lastly, bring in floor lamps that will help combat dark corners and add height.

  • Rugs

Adding some rugs is great to add a hint of warmth without visually shrinking your space. Use rugs to divide one room into meager spaces. This fabricates the aspect of having more than one space in a large one. Ensure that you choose the right sizes for the rugs if you want your space to feel larger. There is nothing that makes space feel smaller than a too-tiny or an oversized rug. Secondly, choose light-colored rugs because lighter tones reflect light creating an overall sense of spaciousness whereas darker rugs absorb light making your space appear smaller.

  • Furniture

To make your space appear larger, tidy, and organized, ensure you go for fewer larger pieces over a bunch of small items. Less is usually more so instead of a set of chairs and a couch choose narrow furniture to maximize a tiny living room and decrease the look of clutter. Also, ensure kitchen cabinets go as high as the ceiling in order to draw the viewer’s eye up and create a false appearance of taller space. You can choose statement furniture that fills the room. Include furnishings with exposed legs because they are perfect for a small space and create more open space than those that have a skirt, are boxy, or are placed directly on the ground. Include materials that allow light to pass through like Lucite and glass because they take up less space.

  • Mirrors and Art

It is important to use mirrors in all places because they fill light around making space feel larger. Strategically place mirrors to achieve the illusion of more space. When mirrors are placed across from the windows, it is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel larger. Alternatively, you can place a large window behind an end table for a glamorous visual art genre that makes it look like a whole other space. Opt for oversized and extensive art since it makes a room appear larger in scale. If you have high ceilings, hang art high by ensuring you take your treasures, framed artwork, and photographs up.

  • Paint and Wallpaper

Ensure you make space feel larger by drawing the eye up the ceiling by adding pattern and a fabulous dash of color. Anything which can draw the eye upwards can make any room feel larger.

  • Curtains

You should fake the ceilings appearing taller and the windows looking larger by fixing your curtain rails near the ceiling and lengthening it wider than the window. Ensure that you allow the light in by trying gauzy curtains that maximize sunlight, hence making space feel larger. You could also leave the windows uncovered in order to give a room more depth. Use a transparent shower curtain in a small bathroom to make space appear larger. If you are worried about privacy, use blinds instead of curtains.  Remember darkness makes space feel smaller.

  • Pattern

An elongated and striped runner makes a narrow room appear wider. Go for vertically striped wallpapers because they make space appear larger. Go for small-scale patterns to create balance and making the room feel proportional to the size of the print.

  • Color

It is advisable to stay neutral when it comes to color because rooms in neutral tones allow more visual space whereas the rooms with darker colors tend to appear more restricted and smaller. After all, darker colors absorb light instead of reflecting it. Use light colors on the walls of the floor. Choose furniture that resembles the walls in color as this will mix perfectly well, thereby making visual space appear larger.

  • Pull Your Furniture away from the walls

When the furniture is pulled away from the wall, even just a few inches in between the bigger item and the wall, it creates an illusion of space. Pushing your furniture up against the walls will just make the room appear smaller and restricted.

  • Color your shelves

You need to color-code your shelves to achieve a sense of structure. Go for anything that makes a group of smaller items look well-arranged as that makes the space appear larger.

  • Break the rules

Just because it’s a living room, it doesn’t mean you need a sofa and a coffee table and a TV. Unexpected layout and pieces of furniture can make your space more open and generally fun. Maybe you want a bean bag for a chair or a swing inside or maybe you want both.

  • Design a Glide-Through Flooring

One flooring kind all over your home will lead to a great difference in the appearance of your space. You can lay floorboards in several rooms like the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room as this is a great solution that can make the space feel larger.

  • Remove The Doors off

Taking internal doors off may be a solution if banging through room dividers to create bigger openings is not an option. You could also replace the normal door with a sliding one to create valuable floor space. These changes might function well in rooms with cupboards or closets like bedrooms and bathrooms with closets. Every millimeter counts in confined spaces.

  • Mind Restraint

Lastly, you should ensure that you decorate your place with restraint as you don’t have a large space where you have more freedom to add multiple decorative items.

Bigger space doesn’t have to be always better. Even smaller spaces can look stunning if you just maximize the right tricks to make any space look more spacious and cohesive. Consider the tips above and make the most of your property.

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