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Expert Suggestions for Creating Healthy Bedrooms for All Ages

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many modern-day homes contain abnormally high concentrations of some pollutants. In some cases, indoor concentrations are 2-5 times higher than typical outdoor concentration levels. Why is there more pollution inside the home than outside? According to the EPA –

  • Modern-day homes are made using energy-efficient building construction techniques. These techniques involve the use of synthetic building materials.
  • These synthetic building materials disintegrate with time to become dangerous indoor pollutants. Inhaling microparticles of these materials can cause various health issues.
  • The use of pesticides and household cleaners full of chemicals is also a leading contributor to this indoor pollution problem.

No homeowner wants or deserves to deal with these types of pollutants inside their homes, especially their bedrooms. Want your bedroom to be super-healthy for everyone? Start by assessing every item or material inside the room. Are there any potentially toxic materials? If yes, eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Maintaining good ventilation will also greatly improve the health of your bedroom. Regular cleaning is also important. You can reduce allergens in the air and on the surfaces of your bedroom furniture items with daily cleaning. Here are some other steps experts suggest for creating healthy bedroom environments –

Make the Bed Comfortable

Get a new mattress. A new, clean, and crisp 100% cotton mattress will do wonders for your bedroom. Clean your new mattress at least once a month. Don’t allow dust and germs to infiltrate your sleeping spot. Also, buy 100% organic cotton sheets for your new mattress. Ultra-lightweight sheets are ideal for every type of sleeper.

Control the Temperature

A healthy bedroom should have the perfect temperature for sleep. Achieving this optimal temperature level can be a challenge, especially during the winter and summer months. Get a smart thermostat that can automatically adjust temperatures in your bedroom based on your past usage patterns.

Take Care of Your Skin

If you use an AC in your bedroom during the summer months, your skin may become excessively dry. To avoid this problem, get a humidifier. Humidifiers add moisture to the air. This device will ensure your bedroom always has a comfortable and skin-friendly atmosphere.

Regular Vacuum Cleaning

As stated above, there are countless invisible pollutants in your bedroom. Get rid of them by vacuum cleaning your bedroom every day. Find a fixed time of the day. Vacuum clean your bedposts, bedroom furniture items, and other high-touch areas at least five times a week.

Get a Paint Job

The colour of your bedroom will have a direct impact on your mood, sleep patterns, and overall health. In a recent study, researchers found that two identical bedrooms in different colours provoked completely different reactions from people. The bedroom with warmer colours made people feel stimulated and excited.

The bedroom with cooler colours made people feel restful and calm. In general, cooler colours like light blue, robin’s egg blue, sky blue, and slate blue make people feel calm. That’s why painting bedrooms with these colours is a fairly common practice. However, different colours have different impacts on people.

What may be a relaxing colour for you may not be as mood-enhancing a colour for your partner. When choosing a colour palette for your bedroom, consider how the different hues make you and other family members feel. Go for the colour combinations that feel the most relaxing.

Lighting and Dimmer

Good lighting can make a small, crowded bedroom feel spacious and relaxing. Get lighting that makes your bedroom feel relaxing. Avoid harsh, super-bright halogen lights; opt for fainter, LED lights instead. Also, get a dimmer. With a dimmer switch, you can control the brightness and intensity of the bedroom light.

Use these simple but effective tips to create a healthy and peaceful bedroom.

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