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12 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Moving Process Easy

You have found a better house, and it is time to move! Right Now, it is time to figure out how to move everything without spending too much money or causing damage to your fragile lamp or dressing mirror.

Maybe you have not had so good experiences with moving in the past, and the thought of moving is giving you anxiety.

Moving does not have to be a stressful process. With the right amount of planning and organization, moving can be fun and inspirational since it is the beginning of a new start.

Easy and Practical Moving Tips

  1. Declutter Before Packing
    You probably have household items that you do not use. Chances are, even after moving, you will not use these items. Thus, when you are already packing, they will take up more space than what is necessary.Therefore, before you start packing, identify items that are unnecessary or unused. You can sell them or donate them. Getting rid of them will ensure you have less stuff to pack and more space for important things.
  1. Categorize Your Stuff
    Organize your things by category and not by room. For instance, put the kitchen items together and clothes together. With that said, instead of spending the entire afternoon packing clothes from your closet, get all your clothes in one room. After this, start sorting them.Repeat this process for different items. Go to the kitchen and get kitchenware together and start packing them into the cartons. Do the same for shoes, books, essential papers, and others. When it gets to packing, label the stuff by category.
  1. Research Moving Companies
    Even if you may have private means, you probably need to hire a moving company. They are professionals; thus, they will make moving an easy process. Aside from this, they are efficient and will get the work done faster than doing it yourself or even with help.A moving company will make the difference between a smooth moving experience and a frustrating one. Therefore, you need to research to ensure you get the best company. Since Google will be flooding you with moving companies, be sure to go through the company reviews.
  1. Choose the Right Day to Move
    When will you be free? Remember, moving companies are usually busy on weekends. Therefore, you need to pick a moving day and inform them in advance to book a slot. If you can be available on a weekday, you might even get a discount.Also, it is best to hire movers at least 30 days in advance. Doing so will allow you to prepare accordingly. If you have a flexible working schedule, you can check which date is most convenient and settle for the month’s best time to schedule your appointment.
  1. Identify which is the Best Method to Move
    Mostly, the method which you use to move depends on how far you are moving. Are you moving to a neighboring state or across the country? Regardless of where you are moving to, you need an efficient travel route to save on time.Therefore, map out the best route to use when traveling to your new home. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in traffic or keep typing the address on your GPS. When mapping out a route, check potentially scheduled highway constructions to avoid inconvenience.
  1. Come up with a To-Do-List
    Moving can be smooth and fun, or it can be hectic. It all depends on how you plan. There is probably so much to do when moving. So chances are, you will forget half of what you were supposed to do.Therefore, to ensure these essential tasks don’t slip your mind, no matter how obvious they may seem, create a to-do-list. Write down what you need to do. You can use an app on your phone or manually write them in your notebook. Remember, no detail is insignificant, so write it down.
  1. Set Reminders of your Moving Tasks or Write them on your Calendar
    Besides writing a to-do-list, you can take your level of the organization up a notch. Have your moving tasks in a reminder app, or mark them on your Calendar.For instance, Monday: Call the moving company, Tuesday: Sort through the clothes, Wednesday: Get boxes, Fridays: Donate extra items.Breaking up your tasks by day will make them seem more manageable. Aside from keeping you more organized, you will also look forward to them.
  1. Get Moving Boxes
    If you already have boxes, make sure they are enough to pack in everything. On the other hand, if you do not have boxes, you need to start getting them.You can check out a wholesale shop near you. Alternatively, you can also check at any liquor store in your area. See if they recycle boxes and if you can grab some for your moving boxes. Ensure the boxes you pick are not worn out and can hold your items securely.
  1. Original Boxes of your Items
    After unpacking a new item, for instance, electronics, we tend to throw away the boxes. However, if you kept them, that is a plus. You probably think your TV can withstand the drive to your new home.While it can, electronics are fragile, so the best way to move them is by placing them in the initial box you purchased them in.Check to see if you may have the original boxes in your store, or maybe the garage. If not, you can buy other cartoons and cushion these devices. You can use bubble wraps, quilted blankets, or sturdy tapes for delicate items such as TVs.
  1. Call in Favors Beforehand
    Would you like help packing from your friends or family? Strive to inform them early enough.Be courteous to inform them some weeks before your actual moving. You can call them and schedule the meet or send them an email to ensure you are on the same page.
  1. Start Packing
    Packing ahead is easy and less stressful compared to packing everything in a day. Moreover, you will be packing at your own time, so it’s less likely that you will forget or miss out on anything.
  1. Don’t forget to change your Address
    Most people forget to do this until weeks after they are settled in their new home and realize they are not getting any mail.Always change your address a week before moving. It will ensure that your bills, mail, packages, and credit card statements will be sent to the correct address on time.

Final Thoughts
With the tips mentioned above, moving will be simple than ever. Remember to schedule a date with your preferred moving company a month prior. Also, if possible, move on a weekday to get a discount.

When packing, sort your items by category and mark the boxes. Remember to cushion fragile items such as glasses, mirrors, and TVs.

Write down any moving tasks to avoid them from slipping your mind. Ensure you change your address a week before moving. Good luck!

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